Farming is the major occupation with mainland Akum today. They cultivate cash crops such as coco-yams (macabo mazatah), bananas, corn, potatoes and beans.  The Akum man has been friendly to the Fulanis and the Bororos for decades sharing the same piece of land; with the Mbakums doing farming while the others remained strong in cattle rearing. The Akum man has been practicing a very poor method of farming for a long time. Their poor farming methods have exposed their farmlands to the agents of soil erosion, notably, the rain and wind owing to the topography of their region, which is hilly.  Because, the people practice the burning of grass (either by the fulanis or the women) through the so-called ‘Ankara”. And, indeed, it is this burning which exposes the topsoil, which becomes lighter to be easily carried away by the wind. This deprives the environment of its nutritive value for the normal growth of crops. Nevertheless, a majority of the farmers who have benefited from some education now practice modern farming techniques. They have learned to apply both the artificial and natural manures as fertilizers. There is no doubt why Mbakum young people have taken to crop cultivation.