Some Quarters of Akum and Their Meanings

There are twelve quarters in Akum namely:

  • Azagne
  • Kapchoh
  • Mutchouh
  • Bagfon
  • Nilap
  • Ntamandam
  • Nsongmualah
  • Ntinalah
  • Santa
  • Ntehnikwi
  • Njinbawog
  • Nsoh

The meaning of some of the twelve quarters and their distinguishing features.

1. Kapchoh

Kapchoh is one of the most populated quarters of the village today. This name comes from the fact that, this quarter was part of a major road that led to many areas of the upper and lower Ngemba. On their journey to the Ngembas, travellers harvested the wild fruit called “achors“, (which means paradise food) and ate it. They littered the footpath with the peelings, called “ikap“. It was from the two names that the name “Kapchor” was coined. Taniform and Achor Ngwa settled in Kapchor. According to traditional belief in Akum, the people of Kapchoh are widely believed to be the wisest because of their wise-sayings. Besides, they are being revered for language twisting and can discuss a lot of secrets among strangers or their enemies who will not understand them. Also, the people of Mutchouh distinguished themselves as the Benbelek, meaning people who argue too much and yet could be easily led by the nose. In another striking distinction, the people of Ntinalah distinguished themselves as people who introduced frequent land disputes in Akum.

2.  Mutchouh

This quarter is almost at the corner, of the village. Long pointed stones were found in its environs and were called “Muchok”. The name “Mutchouh” was then derived from Muchok. Meanwhile, the people who live here have been traditionally called “Benbelek“, which means, people who argue too much. The principal ruler of this quarter was Atanga Nkeh Nchang.

3. Ntinalah

This quarter is made up of two main leading groups, notably Menjaneh Batizong and Mejaneh Binibih. The Menjaneh Batizong was lead by Akorsum. He was a hunter who was already settled in the site before the arrival of the five men who crossed the river from Widikum. The Menjaneh Binibih people were being lead by a man known as Zam Mundi. He was a native of Bangang in the then French Cameroon’s. And he was also a very powerful magician. He even stole the chieftaincy (Fondom) from the people of Benbelek and gave it to the Kapchor people. And history claims he did so magically.

4. Behnbeghang

The name Behnbeghang is derived from the name Njighang, Ategang and Aghangu. Their leader was called Zamchang. He had a tight-friend called Nchoto who was himself from Bamubuh. Among the people who accompanied Zam Nchang were Njighang and Aghangu. When these people arrived, the Fon of Akum drove them away but they were later to enjoy the hospitality offered them by the ringleader of Benbelek called Atanga.